Life Members

The voting members may elect life members into the society annually who have shown outstanding services, including but not limited to the following:

a) years of dedicated service,
b) special achievements,
c) regular attendance at meetings, and
d) extraordinary performance on behalf of the society

Gloria Briner
Robert Freeman
Dalsy Freeman
Gerald Graves
Dianne Graves
Frank Hanson
Regi Hennigar
May Hennigar
Ernest Kelsey
Portia Kelsey
Mary Little
Bob MacDonald
Cecil Nickerson
Doreen Nickerson 
Gordon Roberts
Anne Roberts

Carl Boutlier
Linda Boutlier
Reginald Kelly
Doris Kelly
Ron Clark
Kathy Clark
Bill MacDonald
Stella Warnell
John McClare
Kathy McClare
Mark Graves
Heather Graves
Glenn Slaunwhite 
Paul Theriault
Lily Theriault
Jean Murphy 

Jack Fenerty
John Fenerty
James Pashkoski 
Joann Pashkoski
Les Stymest
Tracey Stymest
Wayne Warren
Marlene Warren
Brian Bailey
Barry Barnet
Ward Dicks
Ed Chapman
Randy McIntyre
Coleen Hache
Brad Johns
Bill Dixon 

Richard Todd
Bessie Ingram
Ralph Ingram
Vera Lewis
Eric Blaney
Harold MacKay
Mary Boutlier


Field Conditions

Both Springfield and Weir Field Ball diamonds are CLOSED today Sept 28th  2017.

The Upper Sackville All-Weather turf is OPEN.