Weir Rockin'

Weir Rockin' will take place on August 20th this year. The concert will feature Lee Aaron; Sass Jordan; Honeymoon Suite and The Headpins. Tickets are now on sale. Visit for more information.  Get your tickets at Ticket Atlantic or at SLRC for our members.

Field Conditions

 Both Springfield Lake Rec fields and Weir Field are OPEN SEPT 3 2014

However, due to the rain received early this morning, we ask that you have officials review playing conditions both prior to use and during the time that you are using the field scheduled to you. The fields may still be wet and have soft areas existing, and in some cases there may still be standing water. It is important to ensure the safety of players and the condition of turf. If there is an opportunity at any time today for a player to be injured or turf to be damaged, we ask that you make the decision to not play and/or stop play and that you do not use excessive means to try and make a field playable.


The Upper Sackville All-Weather turf is OPEN